Termite Control Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Termite Services


Living in Costa Mesa, CA means enjoying a small rural town near the Pacific Coast. And while that makes for easy trips to the beach, it also stays prime growing conditions for termites.

Between all the farming land that they can burrow under to the new construction sites throughout town, there are plenty of places for pests to move in and thrive. Unfortunately, it won’t take long for their swarms to discover your home, where they can live for months before you notice them.

That is why, when you need better quality inspections and complete termite control, you need the team at Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation. For more than 19 years, we’ve serviced more homes in the area than anyone else around.

When you need more termite control techniques for less, we provide the best in lasting protection for your house. Call us today for the top defense possible for your home.


Termite Control Costa Mesa


If you call a local service provider, you expect them to arrive at your door quickly. When they commute from outside the area, however, it means waiting around for hours for rushed termite services.

Instead, why not enjoy the team that provides faster arrivals throughout the City of the Arts? We offer our best protection throughout the community, keeping you safe quickly.

Contact us no matter where you live in the area and we guarantee an experienced, punctual technician every time. Choose us for complete service coverage for:

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  • East Side Costa Mesa
  • West Side Costa Mesa
  • College Park
  • Mesa Verde
  • Santa Ana Heights
  • Mesa Del Mar
  • Monticello
  • And more local Costa Mesa Communities.

Whether you need better preventative maintenance or whole home treatment options, we remain the best choice for you every day. Contact us for convenient service and affordable pricing on all our services for your home.

Costa Mesa Termite Services


How many times have you hired a pest control service, only to find critters scurrying around? The reason is that they use the same method for every house call, providing protection against some bugs but not others.

Instead, our team uses targeted applications specifically for termites. Whether we need to seek them out behind walls or tent and fog your entire home, no one else offers more protection services as we do.

When you need to know that your termites will get taken care of, you need our technicians servicing your home. Contact us today and save more on:

  • Preventative Construction Treatment
  • Soil Termite Control
  • Bait Termite Treatment
  • Drill Termite Spraying
  • Scope and Poison Distribution
  • Tent & Fumigation Service
  • Monthly Termite Maintenance
  • Damaged Wood Repairs
  • Annual Termite Inspections
  • And more treatment solutions for your house.

No one else keeps you defended and continued protecting your family as our team does daily. Contact us to experience the best in total termite control services today.


Why Hire Us?


For nearly 20 years of continued service, no one else comes close to the quality of protection we provide. Other companies have a “good enough” mentality that only puts your property in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, that also means that many homeowners rely exclusively on termite treatment products they buy at the store. While that might provide some immediate success, it won’t reach the colony as our technicians can.

Relying on cheap services and products mean termites that come back and a false sense of security. Instead, know for sure that all your termites are gone once and for all by hiring us today.

See why more homeowners choose Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation for their best termite control protection.



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