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As a homeowner, one service you can’t ignore is an annual termite inspection. Unfortunately, it might not be enough following heavy rains or if your home is beginning to age.

While you have many choices in termite pest control, how can you know that you’re getting the best mix of service and value? When you need the best in Newport Beach, CA termite services, there is only one team you can trust.

Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation remains the best choice in complete termite control services. Whether you need professional termite prevention or in-depth inspections, we offer it all for less.

No one else provides a better quality of termite treatment for more residents throughout the community. See why more homeowners know that for the best protection possible, you need us defending your house today.


Services We Provide In Orange County, CA

Whatever stage of infestation your household currently stays, we guarantee experienced service technicians who can handle any situation. We offer more ways of discovering warning signs of pest activity, as well as effective, long-lasting treatment solutions.

The heart of the matter is that each home will eventually have at least some termites as other sources of food become unavailable. It’s likely that the ones munching on your house were recently given the boot at one of your neighbors’ property.

We can continue preventing them from taking up residence where your family lives, helping you enjoy a safer, healthier home. Call us for all your termite control needs, including:

  • Professional Termite Inspections
  • Drill Termite Treatment
  • Borescope Infestation Treatments
  • Home Termite Fumigation
  • Scheduled Termite Prevention
  • And more professional service options.

Whatever you need to keep your home protected from pests, our experienced team of termite technicians provides the best level of quality possible. Call us today to shield your family from invasive termites.

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Free Termite Inspections Including For Escrow

While many homes have reason to worry about bugs, you can’t know for sure until you have us take a look behind your walls. Our pest control experts dig deep to find traces of termites that other companies may have missed.

Only through professional inspections can you know how extensive your property damage remains, as well as how badly your home has gotten infested. Termites work quickly, and in a matter of months, your household may no longer stay save to reside.

It stays recommended that you have a certified termite inspection performed at least once each year to protect your property further. Don’t get complacent when termites remain a top threat to more households.


Effective Termite Treatment With A 2 Year Warranty

There is more than one way to chase off bugs, but it takes an experienced team of termite experts to offer them all. Whether you need monthly treatments, drill termite treatments, or whole home tented fumigation, we provide it all for less.

Not all treatment solutions are appropriate for every household, especially if the situation remains minor. Fumigating your house, for example, is likely not needed with only a small amount of infestation.

When your typical service provider only provides one or two solutions, it likely means missing some swarms. It is only through a variety of treatment applications that you can ensure that they all leave your home alone.


Commercial Termite Prevention

Homeowners frequently ask us what the best ways to get rid of termites are, and our answer is always through better prevention methods. Whether you have a new construction home project or have lived in your house for years, we offer multiple prevention methods for more residents.

Pretreating bare wood during the framing stage of construction helps keep termites away for longer. And through effective soil treatments, we can prevent termites from burrowing into the ground surrounding your property as well.

No matter the age of your building or your surroundings, we always have ways of helping you keep bugs out. When prevention is the most crucial tool in your arsenal against termites, you can’t rely on just any team to help you.


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For more than 19 years of industry service, our company has helped countless Newport residents in maintaining a safer home free from the threat of termites. When you need better assistance for your house now, you can’t afford to use expensive national franchises which offer fewer services.

When your property deserves the best in complete termite treatment and prevention, you need our experienced team of experts serving you now. Don’t let termites take over your home when Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation remains the best choice for you.



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