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Huntington Beach Termite Control


Termites get drawn to areas that have a lot of heat, humidity, and moisture. That means living in the greater Huntington Beach, CA community provides ample opportunity for your home to get infested with termites.

When you need to maintain a safer home for less, you need an experienced team of local termite control experts. For more than 19 years, Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation has helped countless area residents find and get rid of termites in their home for less.

Whether you are seeking a better monthly maintenance provider or in-depth annual damage inspections, we provide more ways of staying safe than anyone else around. We go to the extra distance on every service call, whether that takes us to your attic, subfloor, basements, crawlspaces, and beyond.

We check every crevice for evidence of hungry pests and eliminate them all fast. When you need the trusted choice in complete termite control, you need us assisting you today.


Termite Control Huntington Beach


We provide complete service coverage throughout the city, offering you faster response times and quicker job completions. We also use a variety of different pest control techniques to give us the edge in any situation.

Whether you have visibly spotted termites crawling out of your walls or you can’t be sure, we provide in-depth inspections and better removal techniques. You can enjoy better protection for any stage of construction, whether it’s stayed finished for years or only now getting dried-in construction.

Contact us for the best protection for more area homes. We already help your friends and neighbors throughout the community, including:

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  • Goldenwest
  • Wintersburg
  • Newland
  • Garfield
  • Yorktown
  • Adams
  • Sunset Beach
  • Surfside
  • Bolsa Chica-Heil
  • And more Huntington Beach neighborhoods.

You can’t afford to trust your home to any termite company. When you need the experienced team of exterminator experts, you need our team inspecting and protecting your home today.

Huntington Beach Termite Services


Some service companies use the same technique for every house call, regardless of what pests the homeowner stated that they have in their house. The reason why is that they use a general pesticide that is intended for more types of bugs.

However, that also means that it may not remain effective, especially against some types of pests. Considering how many different species of termites exist, you can’t take this gamble just because they claim to have the lowest price.

Instead, we offer complete coverage for any home, helping you locate, kill, and prevent termites from reoccurring. Choose us for all your termite control needs, including:

  • New Construction Preventative Spray
  • Monthly Maintenance Treatments
  • Wall Drill Spraying
  • Soil Treatment Solutions
  • Termite Bait Application
  • Tent Fumigation Service
  • Boring Scope & Spray
  • Annual Termite Inspections
  • Termite Damage Repairs
  • And more professional service needs.

We offer better protection before your new home even gets finished, keeping more bugs away from your wood surface each time. When you need to know that your house remains in the best hands possible, give us a call at the first signs of infestation.


Why Choose Us?


Many cheap pest control companies only offer a topical spray. That means that once termites and other pests get far enough away, either underground or behind walls and floors, the chemical treatment doesn’t reach them.

Because of that, our technicians know how to get deeper inside of your home into difficult to reach areas like subfloors, crawlspaces, and between walls and ceilings. Termites are never safe when we arrive at your door.

Our inspection process covers more areas inside and around your property, seeking out any evidence of termite nests. Once we do eliminate your bugs, we can even help you repair any wood surfaces that they had destroyed.

If you find a termite crawling around your house, there’s no way of knowing how long it’s stayed there, or how many more are still hiding. Contact us at the first signs of trouble for the best defense possible for your home.


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When you deserve a better class of termite control, you need an experienced local team offering more pest services for less. Call Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation today for the best in total termite control services.



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