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Termite Control Services


Many homeowners wait to address a maintenance need until they see problems for themselves. However, when it comes to termites, that is not a practical attitude to maintain.

Because termites burrow through walls from the inside out, they may have already done extensive damage that you can’t notice. And then when you do see them peak out from your drywall, it might be that they’ve already run out of food.

When you need help getting rid of termites, and you can’t afford to wait, you need Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation. For over 19 years, we’ve helped more homes throughout Newport Beach, California get rid of pests and keep them gone for good.

We offer professional termite extermination services to find, destroy, and prevent infestations from taking chunks out of your home. Call us for the best in complete termite control options around.


Pest Control Services


Experts agree that there are roughly about 45 different species of termites living in the United States of America. So why do so many pest control companies use the same general use bug treatment that doesn’t work on all insects?

Instead, we use techniques that have worked countless times because the solutions are specially tailored to kill more termites than anything else available. Many treatment choices only take care of the worker ants, leaving the colony behind to reproduce more.

When you hire us, it means giving your home the best application of annual inspections and poison control. Contact us to protect your property better with:

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  • Drill Treatment Applications
  • Soil Termite Treatment
  • New Construction Prevention Spraying
  • Fumigation Tent Service
  • Drill Treatment Applications
  • Soil Termite Treatment
  • New Construction Prevention Spraying
  • Fumigation Tent Service

Whatever you need to keep your home from harm, we offer the best detection and prevention options around. Keep termites out by having our experienced technicians service your home today.

Why Hire Us?


Many termite control companies treat the current issue, but they don’t do anything to keep them from appearing again. Because these treatment choices are reactionary, it leaves the potential for repeat problems to happen in the future.

Our team uses a three-pronged attack against pests to seek out, destroy, and prevent reemergence. Other service providers use methods that kill termites on contact, but that only takes care of a portion of the colony.

In addition to the worker ants, there are those are lay more termites, and soldier bugs to defend them. Unless you take out all three types living inside of your walls, floors, and attic, you will only see them continuing to pop up.

Instead, allow our team of experienced exterminators keep your home safer from termites. Call us to provide your house with the best protection possible.


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Whether this is your first run-in with termites or you’re sick of the same results each time, you need to call our team for your house today. No one else but Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation eliminates and prevents termite infestations.



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