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Termite Prevention


Prevention is always the first step towards a safer home, but how to keep pests from coming inside? For most homeowners, by the time that they have seen a termite crawling around, their house has already suffered damages.

Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation provides more preventative control methods that leave your household better protected for longer. When other service providers fail to eliminate termites at the source, we don’t leave until we know that we are finished.

No one else in Newport Beach CA offers the level of quality that we do in treating your home for pests. When you choose us, it means complete termite control for less at any stage of your house’s lifespan.

Whether your home is still getting built or it’s 20 years old or more, we have the best solution for you each time. Contact us to receive the best in local termite prevention services.


Termite Prevention Services


Termites love hot, humid conditions, making the coastlines of the country prime breeding zones for these pests. Because termites need wood, paper, and cardboard for food, as well as building tunnels and nests, they naturally get drawn to homes near the shore.

Even though the Pacific Ocean remains colder than the Atlantic, it provides enough humidity to keep them buzzing around. They only need their building materials to stay moist enough to work with, often underneath crawlspaces, basements, and subfloor.

No matter what kind of house you reside or the current condition of it, we guarantee the best results possible on every visit. Contact us to keep your home safer from termites with:

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  • Construction Wood Treatment
  • Soil Treatment
  • Bait Treatment
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Annual Inspections
  • And more preventative maintenance needs.

We make it simple to save on a better quality of termite preventative control. Call us today to give your home the trusted choice in comprehensive pest prevention today.

Construction Treatment


When you are currently building your home, it means that your wood wall spaces and house frame remain exposed to the hot, humid air. That also means providing local termites with a tasty snack until you have finished constructing it.

Many years ago, construction pretreatment required the concrete contractor to meet with your termite company to treat the area. Today, however, we can apply our product directly onto wood surfaces, keeping termites from making a meal out of your job.


Soil Treatment


If you know that termites are living in the soil around your home, then that is where we need to use our chemical treatment options. By trenching your yard and applying a preventative control formula into the dirt, we can force termites out and away from your home.

However, not all homes qualify for this treatment choice because their house requires a well water system, or there are landscaping drains carrying water away. In these situations, you can wind up making others sick from the poison applied to the ground.


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Whatever treatment options are right for you, we guarantee the best results by hiring us for it all. When you need the best defense possible against invasive termites, you need Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation.



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