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Orange County Termite Inspection


Many homeowners worry about their teenagers eating them out of house and home, but all Newport Beach CA residents fear termites. They are the more realistic threat, and they can quickly cause even the sturdiest building to become condemned.

That is why, for more than 19 years of dedicated pest control service, the team behind Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation has protected more residents from harm. By providing a better quality of inspection, maintenance, and preventative measures, we keep your house safer from pests for less.

What separates one exterminator service from another is the depth that they can peer into, as well as the methods used in preventing termites from spreading. We use more techniques and professional tools to keep your home free from invasions.

Nearly every homeowner will see some signs of termite damage, but by then it may be too late to do anything about it. Instead, choose our team for faster inspections and longer lasting treatment choices today.

Experienced Termite Technicians


For nearly two decades, our team has helped countless residences throughout the area in enjoying better termite protection offered at lower costs. We strive to provide better services for less than any of those large national franchise options.

When you need to know for sure that your infestations are dealt with quickly and permanently, it takes an experienced team of experts servicing your home now. Whether you need an annual inspection to look for new pests or entire home tent fumigation, we can help you save on better termite solutions.

What makes our process so useful is that it provides defense at any stage of infestation. By offering inspections deep within walls and hard to reach spots, monthly preventative maintenance, and deep penetrating treatment options, no one else kills more termites like us.

If you are still relying on cheap kits bought in stores or one-time perimeter spraying, you aren’t doing enough to keep bugs out of your home. Contact us today to give your house the best defense against termites now.

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Why Choose Us?


We understand that there are countless options in home pest treatment technicians. How can you know that you’re making the best decision?

Some companies advertise discounted pest control, but it’s because they use one general bug formula that might not remain effective. Instead, we use drill treatments, soil injections, and fumigation tents to kill of termites, as well as a better quality of inspections for damage.

Even if you aren’t sure that you have bugs, our team will let you know for certain in a short amount of time. Hiring us means choosing the team that always has the ideal solution for any situation.

Contact us to inspect your home, as well as give it the better extermination treatment options around. We keep more residences safe than anyone else.



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