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Termite Treatment in Newport Beach


There are dozens of different types of termites living in our country, so why do so many extermination service providers use the same method for them all? Depending on specific requirements, some treatment options may be far more effective than others for your situation.

Likewise, using a tent and fumigating your house may not be the best technique either. It takes an experienced team of termite control experts to know the best choice to treat your home.

At Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation, we offer more treatment solutions at lower pricing every day. When you need to know that your home receives the best level of protection possible at pricing you can afford, it means a safer, healthier home for longer.

Don’t spend more than you must on methods that don’t work for your needs. Instead, see why more Newport Beach CA homes choose us over anyone else around.


Termite Treatment Options


No matter where we find evidence of termites living in your home, we have several treatment methods to get rid of them once and for all. Whether your walls require direct poison contact, or you need tenting and fumigation services, we always have the best solution for every job.

Other companies may arrive with concentrated bug spray and a pump sprayer. All that treats is the surface layer, doing nothing between ceilings, walls, and floors.

Instead, our team always goes further to eliminate more sources of bugs every day. Contact us to give your home the best treatment plans, including:

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  • Drill Termite Treatment
  • Interior Scope Applications
  • Fumigation Tent Treatment
  • Exterior Perimeter Spraying
  • Soil Treatment Options
  • Schedule Termite Maintenance
  • And more treatment solutions for your home.

When you need extermination techniques that don’t leave termites behind, you need us to eliminate them all for less. Contact us today and give your house the best protection against termites for less.

Drill Termite Control


If there are termites behind the wall, then that’s where we must go. Or, at the very least, where we need to apply our poison. Our technicians start by locating the source of your termite situation. Then, we carefully drill a series of holes at differing angles to ensure that we cover a broad area.

From there, we inject the termite control solution so that it fills in more areas within the wall, ceiling, or floor. Now, even if they still try and escape, our formula will find them first.

The damage to your wall is minimal, and we can patch it back up quickly. When you need a safe and effective treatment choice, this is the ideal solution for you.


Fumigation Tent Service


All of your neighbors know that if there is a tent covering your home, then you have an extensive pest problem. Fumigation tents today are often the last line of defense, and this method is usually reserved when the problem has progressed too far.

The downside to tenting your home is that it can have lingering effects to your paint, drywall, wallpaper, and other wall décor. And unless you carefully bag and secure food, even within your refrigerator or cabinets, the poison will leave it unsafe for eating.

However, the chemical fog reaches into every possible crevice, ensuring that all of your bugs are not going to make it back out. When you have an issue with termites breeding too quickly to control, this is often your last course of action.

When termites are destroying your home quickly, you must respond in kind as fast as you can. Contact us as soon as you know that you have termites for the best treatment options available.


Exterior Soil Treatment


Many ask us why, if termites eat wood, are we treating the dirt around your home? The reason why is that termites naturally live in the soil, where they quickly make networks out of mud.

Even if they appear inside your house, their colony may be outdoors. By treating the soil around your home, as well as near tree stumps, we can help prevent them from spreading further.

When you need to get to the root of your termite infestation, you need us. Call Newport Beach Termite Control & Fumigation.



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